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These are some of theirs. And ours.

A Student

When walking through the tent village, we found a little 2-year old, Marie-Claude, licking a rotten piece of goat skin. It was the only thing she had to eat.

She is now part of Rise2Shine and receives three nutritious, freshly prepared meals each day. When she turns 5, she will leave R2S and her donation money will be transferred towards elementary school education. It costs $15 a month. The rest of the monthly sponsorship will continue to go towards food for her family. 

She now has a real opportunity to go to high schools and even college.

A Future Doctor

Annie was an out of work English translator who lost her job and home during the 2010 earthquake. We found her at a nearby mission desperately searching for any opportunity for work. Rise2Shine hired her to become the assistant director and English teacher/translator.


Annie has exceeded our expectations in every way. She has provided leadership, energy, and ingenuity to the school. She is now making enough money to fulfill her dream of going to nursing school part-time and eventually become a doctor - a profession her country desperately needs.

A Smile

During a local recruitment drive, we came across a little 4-year old girl named Clomita, who was being raised by a single mother living in a tent. Clomita had a chronic infection on the edges of her mouth. Her mother informed use she had never smiled because of it.

Rise2Shine took her to a local hospital and paid for the medications to heal her. Clomita now attends Rise2Shine, receives education and nutritious meals daily.

She has begun to smile.

A Teacher

Linds lost her parents and siblings in Port-au-Prince during the earthquake. She was also trapped under the rubble for days before being rescued. It was a true miracle she survived. Alone in the world, she found her way to Fond Parisien and was desperately looking for a way to support herself. 

Rise2Shine met Linda in 2011 and hired her as a cleaner. She soon demonstrated intelligence, curiosity, and a persistent desire to learn. Within a year she earned a promotion to become our first early childcare Trainee teacher. 


We believe in doing. In acting today. Not merely hoping to give back later.

 Tax Exempt 501c3  |  EIN# 27-4569475

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