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 Tax Exempt 501c3  |  EIN# 27-4569475

535,000 Meals

Alleviating the suffering of young children in Haiti


It was the first thing our Founders noticed when they arrived in Haiti a year after the 2010 earthquake: Almost all of the young children had orange hair. 

It is a sign of severe malnutrition.

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They were appalled. It was a year after the earthquake and the world's attention was shifting away from Haiti. The rural areas had even less help.

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Their local contacts told them of a small town about two hours from Port-au-Prince: Fonds Parisien. Difficult to access. Dangerous. Little to no aide.

They visited. And decided to build a school.

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There was no building big enough for a pre-school that they estimated would need to feed and provide early education for 50-75 children at a time.


They raised some early funds. And walls started going up.

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The Rise2Shine school opened 7 months later with a mission to provide food, safety, and early education to the children of Fonds Parisien.

Since opening in 2011 we have provided over 535,000 meals for 612 children.

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100% of donated funds goes to the school. We are a registered 501c3 non-profit and have no paid staff other than the teachers, cooks, and security guards at the school.

Annual budget is less than $75,000 US dollars. Any help you can provide is incredibly appreciated!

Looking into the eyes of a starving child changes you. We are a part of this charity. But we don't own it. It is a charity of all the little hands we help, and all the big hands who make it happen.

 Tax Exempt 501c3  |  EIN# 27-4569475

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